A premium price range means that consumers demand and expect excellent organoleptic characteristics. Rapid changes in temperature can impact ageing peculiarities and wine quality.
Therefore it becomes extremely important being able to reveal temperature variations during shipment all the way from departure at the winery through to arrival at the final destinations.

Notarianni worked with Avery Dennison, an usual supplier of his ones and has identified TT Sensor Plus™ 2 technology as an excellent solution in order to trace wines temperature during their travels all over the world.
TT Sensor Plus™ 2, typically used in temperature-sensitive pharma applications, it is extremely easy to implement and can be adopted across many different segments.
It logs time and temperature, and comes complete with important extras such as a cloud environment, an application programming interface and calibration capabilities for individual shipments. At around one-third the size of a credit card, it can be attached to or placed inside packaging. Users can program it to record temperature history at defined intervals during shipment, and all temperature data is uploaded on arrival easily via NFC to smartphone or computer. Powered by an internal battery, the device records up to 150,000 data points and has a temperature accuracy of +/- 0.3°C.


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