Is the sensorial label, that, with a special resin, produces an unexpected 3D effect!!

With a worldwide innovation, Notarianni is able to employ this revolutionary technology during the productive process, whether digital printing or off-set, silk-screen printing or flexography: a part of the label is “resinated” in order to recall the three-dimensional image of the sealing wax or the lentiform!
Vax effect
Lentiform effect

The advanced production processes of the company allow to fulfill this innovation on self-adhesive labels in reel, with the aim of making them suitable to the industrial applications.

By using a productive process that is unique in the world, Notarianni has now achieved this technology’s evolution by creating a label, printed with the methodology you prefer, with a resinated element in it.

It’s a real ennoblement of the product (every traditional label will be able to be printed this way next time!), obtained with a single manufacturing process, without modifying any starting feature and without involving any additional passage for customer during application.

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