It’s been a long time since our company started producing self-adhesive labels in reels for all industrial sectors; over the past fifteen years our production facility developed to gain the best results in bottling, for bottles of different shapes and materials.

Notarianni brand has gained a foothold in the market for the quality of its products, its printing improvements and the speed of deliveries. Notarianni today covers valued bottles of wines, oils and liqueurs.

The Company is situated at Valle San Bartolomeo, Alessandria province.

Notarianni stands out for the ability to update the working processes with most advanced technologies, namely the offset printing, the silk-screen printing, the flexography and the digital printing, using high-performance and aesthetically valuable materials.

The professionalism of our highly talented team of more than fifty people, their knowledge and expertise enable us to join printing systems together in one machine step, such as for example offset printing, flat silk-screen printing, hot printing and dry embossing in the same label.

Our craftsmanship and technological innovation allow us to manage our production with a high degree of flexibility and to focus on process constant improvement and on the reduction of environmental impact. This makes it possible to satisfy high quality standards both for small and large productions of customized labels.

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